Homeopathy is a system of completely natural health care, trusted by 450 million people worldwide. It’s been in use for more than 200 years and works by stimulating an individual’s own healing ability to bring about a return to full health.

Christine Wilson is a qualified and experienced homeopath and treats patients in a welcoming, professional environment at her clinics in Wokingham, Marlow and Maidenhead.

Her extensive knowledge, personal experience and warm, friendly approach have made her a popular and in-demand therapist for the last 10 years.

By looking at each individual as a ‘whole person’, taking into consideration everything from physical symptoms, to emotional state, mental and psychological factors and previous history, Christine is able to create a course of treatment bespoke to each individual, working to create all-encompassing health and wellbeing.

This process may involve using homeopathy, allergy/food sensitivity testing or a combination of both therapies.

The treatments are completely natural, non-invasive and suitable for all ages and levels of health. Christine has treated people with wide ranging symptoms – some mild, some serious, long term, short term, physical, mental or emotional – supporting all her patients back to health and wellbeing.

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What clients are saying about me

HC, Wokingham

My daughter is a typical lively 7 year old but on regular occasion just the smallest thing can set her off on a major meltdown in the most embarrassing of places over the most ridiculous thing in the world. After speaking to friends, family and doctors I was told this is normal and she will grow out of it but when your walking down the road to school and your child flips out because she remembered she put her left sock on before her right sock something had to give before I lost my entire sanity.

I took A to see Christine to see if there was something A could be allergic to which could be triggering this temperamental change. Christine was lovely, she was kind, patient and spent a long time testing samples on A and asking questions to A which made her feel extremely important J

We found that A has a dairy intolerance and when too much dairy is input A’s body is not a happy body. We also found that sugar additives are not a kind thing to A.

Since changing A’s diet with the help of Christine I now have my perfect daughter back and I am so grateful. A went to a party last weekend and with sweets, yoghurt and a cheese sandwich I felt like leaving her there but after a couple of days back on her new diet A is once again delightful.

Thank you Christine.

— HC