Homeopathy is a system of completely natural health care, trusted by 450 million people worldwide. It’s been in use for more than 200 years and works by stimulating an individual’s own healing ability to bring about a return to full health.

Christine Wilson is a qualified and experienced homeopath and treats patients in a welcoming, professional environment at her clinics in Wokingham, Marlow and Maidenhead.

Her extensive knowledge, personal experience and warm, friendly approach have made her a popular and in-demand therapist for the last 10 years.

By looking at each individual as a ‘whole person’, taking into consideration everything from physical symptoms, to emotional state, mental and psychological factors and previous history, Christine is able to create a course of treatment bespoke to each individual, working to create all-encompassing health and wellbeing.

This process may involve using homeopathy, allergy/food sensitivity testing or a combination of both therapies.

The treatments are completely natural, non-invasive and suitable for all ages and levels of health. Christine has treated people with wide ranging symptoms – some mild, some serious, long term, short term, physical, mental or emotional – supporting all her patients back to health and wellbeing.

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What clients are saying about me

JO, Henley-on-Thames

My wife is an experience Nutritional Therapist, and has transformed my health.

However, there were a few residual problems and I consulted Christine Wilson.

She asked relevant questions, tested for food sensitivity and recommended that I avoid milk products.

I did so, and Bronchitis, blocked sinuses, snoring and sleep apnoea all reduced. This resulted in better sleep, energy and productivity and greatly improved my quality of life.

I can’t thank Christine Wilson enough and would recommend her to anyone.

— JO