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As part of Christine’s unique approach, she is also able to offer her clients further insight into what may be contributing to their ill health through the use of Vega Testing, for which she is a qualified practitioner.

Vega Testing is a non-invasive, painless, diagnostic tool which uses the body’s sensitive electromagnetic system to get clinically relevant results indicating foods, additives or environmental substances which may be causing a disturbance in the body.

Chemicals used in the modern-day production and storage of foods such as wheat, yeast, sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives, colourings, stabilisers (all found in something as simple as a humble ham sandwich) can have a dramatic effect on the health of an individual. The difficulty comes in identifying these triggers when ingredients in even simple foodstuffs can be incredibly complex and symptoms may not appear immediately after eating, which makes working out what is causing ill health an arduous task from deduction alone.

Using Vega Testing, Christine is able to quickly and precisely test hundreds of substances and ingredients to read the body’s electromagnetic response and clearly identify which stressors are causing a negative reaction.

The Vega Machine produces a positive or negative reading which is interpreted as an allergic or non-allergic reaction to the substance, allowing you to examine literally hundreds of different potential allergens in a very short space of time.

The Basic Vega Test assesses up 300 different food substances and additional tests can look for sensitivities to environmental substances (pollens, fabrics, dust etc), e-numbers, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone deficiencies and organ imbalances.

What tests are available?

Basic Vega Test

The Basic Vega Test is for up 245 different food substances however, some people notice that their symptoms are related to particular brands of foods, drinks etc and if this is the case you are welcome to bring along any store cupboard ingredients suspected of causing problems in glass or plastic containers. It would also be helpful if you could bring the original packaging in order that the ingredients can be assessed.

Additional Tests

Environmental substances

This test looks for sensitivities to 53 environmental substances including pollens, fabrics, animal hair, dust etc.


This test looks for sensitivities to 64 E-numbers including colouring, preservatives, sweeteners, stabilisers, antioxidants, flavour enhancers etc.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

This test looks for deficiencies in 19 vitamins and 15 minerals.

Hormone Deficiencies

This test looks for deficiencies in 30 hormones.

Organ Imbalances

This test looks for imbalances in 72 different parts of the body including heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, some blood vessels and nerves and some parts of the brain.

What happens next?

It may be recommended that substances found to be problematic during the test be eliminated from the diet for a time in order to allow the body time to recover. Once symptoms have subsided, the food can be gradually re-introduced whilst monitoring tolerance levels. A follow-up test is recommended after 4-6 weeks to ascertain whether the sensitivity has subsided enough for the product to be re-introduced.

After following this regime I have found that many people are successfully able to re-introduce the identified foods back into their diet and they report better energy levels, sleep quality, skin condition and weight loss as well as improvements in their original symptoms.

Allergy Testing prices:

Food Testing


Follow up


Additional tests


Weekly calls


Shopping trip


Vega Testing Packages:

Essential Allergy testing


Initial appointment

6 follows-ups

6 month follows-up



Initial appointment

6 follows-ups

6 month follows-up

4 weekly phone calls during exclusion period



Initial appointment

6 follows-ups

6 month follows-up

4 weekly phone calls during exclusion period

1 hour shopping trip

What clients are saying about me:

I really want to thank you for helping my friend through a very difficult time recently. I guess we generally think of homeopathy and it’s benefits in relation to physical issues. However, it is much more far-reaching and this is something that is not always appreciated. My friend was suffering from severe depression and lack of confidence arising from a lifetime of mental abuse and bad experiences. She had never been to a homeopath or indeed any form of alternative therapist and therefore sceptical when I suggested seeing you. However, in your quiet caring way you listened to her and even that did her a world of good. You prescribed a remedy which she took and a few days later said to me ‘well nothing has happened’. However, less than a week later she rang me to say she felt happier than could ever remember. She has taken control of her life and both she and I are immensely grateful to you.

Thank you Christine, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

— CS, Knowl Hill