Christine is able to offer a range of Vega Testing sessions depending on your individual needs, and these can be book independently or used in conjunction with your homeopathic treatment.

During a session, you’ll be asked to hold an electrode connected to the machine, while test substances are placed in the machine itself. Your reaction to the test substance is assessed using a stylus on an acupuncture point on the hand or toe so can be rest assured that it is painless and non-invasive. There are no blood tests or needles and the process isn’t intrusive or uncomfortable in any way.

If there are particular foods or substances that you suspect are causing a disturbance in your body, you are welcome to bring these to a session for specific testing.

Christine has undergone thorough training to enable her to use the Vega Machine and develop a treatment plan based on your body’s responses. She is also qualified in nutrition and is able to draw on both to offer an in-depth and informed analysis of your situation.

On a personal basis, Christine has a food intolerance herself, so uniquely placed to be able to help you resolve your own allergic symptoms in a practical, as well as clinical, way. Instead of focusing purely on what you can’t eat, Christine’s approach is to work with you to develop a realistic and sustainable plan of what you can eat on a daily basis to bring about a return to good health.
To this end, she offers not only the Vega Testing sessions themselves, but also a range of packages to continue to support you as much as you feel you need – from regular phone calls to accompanied supermarket trips – as you make positive changes to your health.

Once symptoms have subsided, many of Christine’s clients have been able to successfully re-introduce the identified foods back into their diet and they report better energy levels, sleep quality, skin condition and weight loss as well as improvements in their original symptoms.

What tests are available?

Basic Vega Test

The Basic Vega Test is for up 245 different food substances however, some people notice that their symptoms are related to particular brands of foods, drinks etc and if this is the case you are welcome to bring along any store cupboard ingredients suspected of causing problems in glass or plastic containers. It would also be helpful if you could bring the original packaging in order that the ingredients can be assessed.

Additional Tests

Environmental substances

This test looks for sensitivities to 53 environmental substances including pollens, fabrics, animal hair, dust etc.


This test looks for sensitivities to 64 E-numbers including colouring, preservatives, sweeteners, stabilisers, antioxidants, flavour enhancers etc.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

This test looks for deficiencies in 19 vitamins and 15 minerals.

Hormone Deficiencies

This test looks for deficiencies in 30 hormones.

Organ Imbalances

This test looks for imbalances in 72 different parts of the body including heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines, reproductive organs, some blood vessels and nerves and some parts of the brain.

What happens next?

It may be recommended that substances found to be problematic during the test be eliminated from the diet for a time in order to allow the body time to recover. Once symptoms have subsided, the food can be gradually re-introduced whilst monitoring tolerance levels. A follow-up test is recommended after 4-6 weeks to ascertain whether the sensitivity has subsided enough for the product to be re-introduced.

After following this regime I have found that many people are successfully able to re-introduce the identified foods back into their diet and they report better energy levels, sleep quality, skin condition and weight loss as well as improvements in their original symptoms.

Allergy testing prices:

Foods £85
Follow up £50
Additional tests £10/20
Weekly maintenance calls £15
Shopping trip £75


Essential Allergy testing £165
Essential allergy testing = initial appointment + 6 week follow up + 6 month follow up

Maintenance £220
Maintenance = Essential + 4 weekly phone calls during exclusion period

Ultimate £285
Ultimate = Maintenance + one hour shopping trip

What clients are saying about me

HC, Wokingham

My daughter is a typical lively 7 year old but on regular occasion just the smallest thing can set her off on a major meltdown in the most embarrassing of places over the most ridiculous thing in the world. After speaking to friends, family and doctors I was told this is normal and she will grow out of it but when your walking down the road to school and your child flips out because she remembered she put her left sock on before her right sock something had to give before I lost my entire sanity.

I took A to see Christine to see if there was something A could be allergic to which could be triggering this temperamental change. Christine was lovely, she was kind, patient and spent a long time testing samples on A and asking questions to A which made her feel extremely important J

We found that A has a dairy intolerance and when too much dairy is input A’s body is not a happy body. We also found that sugar additives are not a kind thing to A.

Since changing A’s diet with the help of Christine I now have my perfect daughter back and I am so grateful. A went to a party last weekend and with sweets, yoghurt and a cheese sandwich I felt like leaving her there but after a couple of days back on her new diet A is once again delightful.

Thank you Christine.

— HC