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As part of Christine’s unique approach, she is also able to offer her clients further insight through her training in Vega testing and nutritional advice.

Using Vega Testing, Christine is able to quickly and precisely test hundreds of substances and ingredients to read the body’s electromagnetic response.

Vega Testing is a non-invasive, painless tool that uses the body’s sensitive electromagnetic system against a range of substances to generate a report.

What clients are saying about me

I would like to say two words from me to you THANK YOU. Christine, you have helped me out with homeopathy and it has helped me calm down as I travel through this part of my life. I was never a believer in Homeopathy and I am glad I gave it a try it has helped me with my emotions and sleep pattern. You really do make a difference and I will always recommend you to people I know and love. Again thank you for everything.


— RC, Wokingham