An initial session will last for 90 minutes (compared to the 10 minutes allocated in other medical disciplines), allowing plenty of time for Christine to gain in in-depth understanding of not only your physical symptoms but also your mental and emotional state as well. Appropriate non-invasive, gentle tests may be carried out during the session to provide further information, allowing Christine to develop a treatment program unique to you as a true individual.

You will be given the time to discuss your symptoms fully and allow Christine to understand how they impact your life so your experience can be matched to a specific remedy or set of remedies.

You’ll also talk about your lifestyle, personality and general habits and everything you say will be valued and considered during the prescribing process. Each case is analysed independently to ensure a bespoke approach.

After the consultation, homeopathic remedies will be prescribed that will best suit you as an individual and your experience of your condition.

Homeopathy treatment prices:

adult – initial appointment £95
adult – follow up £55
child – initial appointment £60
child – follow up £45


Homeopathy essential (Adult) £185
Homeopathy essential = initial + 2 follow ups

Homeopathy maintenance (Adult) £330
Homeopathy maintenance = essential + 5 follow ups

Homeopathy essential (child) £135
Initial appointment + 2 follow up appointments

Homeopathy maintenance (child) £255
Initial appointment + 5 follow up appointments

What clients are saying about me

CS, Twyford

This is a testimonial to say thank you for saving my sanity!

I sat in our meeting when Christine spoke about the symptoms of Candida and, guess what, I had nearly every one of them. In particular I had known for some time that my brain felt foggy and muddled but put it down to age! It was quite scary to think it could only get worse but thanks to Christine this hasn’t happened.

After being diagnosed with Candida Christine put me on a very strict eating regime for 8 weeks which I stuck to religiously – thinking about this thing inside me growing tentacles out into my bloodstream kept me on track.

I am now cured and cannot describe how fantastic I feel. Thank you Christine for giving me back a normal life.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Christine.

— CS