Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson is a qualified and experienced homeopath, following four years of academic study covering Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Homeopathic Philosophy at the Purton House School of Homeopathy, part of Thames Valley University.

As part of her studies, she also completed a research project into the effects of homeopathic treatment on conditions involving gross tissue change including endometriosis, scarring, osteolysis and cancer.

Christine’s interest in homeopathy and alternative medicine stems from personal experience of using treatments to help both herself and her – then, 4 year old – daughter. Christine is able to apply her knowledge and understanding gained first-hand over several decades, alongside the rigorous academic training it inspired her to undertake.

Having seen in her clinics, the number of patients who also struggle with sensitivities to food and other substances, Christine undertook additional training as a Vega Test Practitioner to help her patients understand more about their symptoms.

Christine believes in continual and ongoing training and development, and is a qualified Liz Lalor Infertility Programme Practitioner to help address issues of infertility in both men and women.